• Facts And Myths On Hot Water Cleaning

    What are the facts about hot water use in cleaning? When people clean, they immediately use hot water. Does it work better?

    Hot Water Kills Germs – Myth

    Everyone washes their hands in hot water. Why? It is supposed to kill the germs right? This myth is deeply rooted in our culture. The consequence of this is we use more energy in a month from hot water than most third world countries use in a year.

    Boiling water kills germs – not hot water. It is not possible to use hot enough water to kill germs and not get burned severely. The idea of hot water killing germs is a lie.

    To kill most germs you need water at the temperature of 55 degrees Celsius or 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Only Superman could tolerate such temperatures on their skin. So using hot water to wash your hands, counter tops, or floors is wasteful.

    It is using energy for no good reason. Germs can withstand the hot water better than you can.

    Hot Water Cuts Grease – Fact9dad6302607da51ee63d0810eb1700ac

    This is a tried and true fact. The melting point of fats and grease is well within the tolerance of human skin. The heat is needed to turn them into a liquid and get washed away.

    So using hot water when washing your dishes is good. You won’t get rid of the greases and fats otherwise. Your dishes will remain greasy feeling and it will clog your sink.

    Hot Water Cleans Better – Myth

    People says hot water “lifts” the dirt better. The “lifting” is done by soap. This is what soap is designed to do. It bonds to dirt and lets it be “lifted” from its adhesion to a surface.

    It all has to do with the soap. Some soaps have better “lifting” power than others. It has nothing to do with the temperature of the water.

    Hot Water Is A Solvent – Fact

    There are just some things you can’t get off without hot water. It heats them up and breaks them down so they can be washed away. Syrup, sugar, and salt are an example of this.

    Chemically, water molecules move faster and have more space when heated. This is why hot water will dissolve things where cold water leaves them in a clump.

    Now you have the facts about hot water in your cleaning. You can use this knowledge to better use hot water and not be energy wasteful.

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