• Importance Of Green Cleaning

    The Internet has led to rediscovering the benefits of green cleaning. Published studies on the adverse effects of many common household cleaners are available. Many people are learning their cleaners may be causing them harm and health issues.

    People are also learning the safer green alternatives to what they are using now. Using green cleaners is coming back into style. Green cleaners are safer alternatives to many cleaning products on the market today.

    Years ago, grandma used these cleaners and they are quickly coming back into use.


    The EPA and many other organizations have published green cleaning studies. These reports have shown a significant threat posed by using non-green cleaners. Not only a threat to the environment; but, a health threat to you and me.

    These studies have found nitrate concentration in our treated sewage. This has been causing algae blooms which are choking fish. There is also a health issue for people using and exposed to these cleaners.

    Using non-green cleaners poses a more imminent health threat to people. You are constantly exposed to these cleaners in your home or workplace. These products can get into your system and cause serious damage.

    Scientists have found using non-green cleaners in a building negatively affect the people inside. Many organizations have written on the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that irritate your lungs. Breathing these VOCs can cause asthma, stress, lack of focus, low blood sugar, heart disease, and increased infection risk.b044ec8d17ea154812fe5b8b4708673b

    The US Government published a study showing businesses lose 34 minutes a day of productivity. This is per employee based on an eight hour day.

    Though employees may feel sick or tired at work they may be exhibiting symptoms of breathing VOCs. As bad as your office or work may be, inhaling these VOCs while you sleep is worse.

    This constant exposure can bring about a slew of problems. Asthma, erectile dysfunction, cancer, resistant infections, kidney damage, and migraines are just a few. All from using non-green cleaners.

    The Cost

    Many feel the cost of green cleaners to be more than what they are using now. Studies show the green alternatives are actually more cost effective than the non-green counterparts. They have also been tested to work just as well.

    What Are The Green Alternatives

    Vinegar – shown to be just as effective killing germs as bleach or ammonia and costs less.

    Baking Soda – Shown to be just as effective cutting grease as any commercial compound.

    Borax – A naturally occurring mineral with no VOCs is the best whitening agent there is. It also costs less than the others on the market.

    Essential Oils – a much more effective deodorizer than artificial air fresheners.


    The benefits are obvious to using the green alternatives. They also cost less than their commercial counterparts and work just as good. No matter which way you look at this, green cleaners are in your future.