Post Renovation Cleaning

It is common to avoid the cleanup after a construction or renovation job is complete. Many hope just removing the big debris is sufficient in most cases. This is not the case.

The cleaning required after a construction or remodel is one a cleaning service should do. A service with the expertise to perform the job thoroughly. There are a set of standards for this type of cleaning.

Why Is Post Renovation Cleaning Important

There are many aspects most people don’t realize are needed. It doesn’t matter if it is a residential or commercial property. There are certain things that need cleaned before they are occupied again.

There are legal and safety requirements to be met. This is both for the interiors and the exteriors of buildings. There are also potential health issues if certain materials are not cleaned up properly.

  • Ducts

Even when the project is small, dust will enter and accumulate in the ducts of the building. Not removing the dust will present a health hazard for those in the building. It can also clog the filters and cause excessive energy usage.

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Thorough cleaning will ensure you are not still cleaning up months later. It is also easier when the building is not occupied to do a good job. Occupants can begin using everything immediately without having to worry about it being clean.

  • Cleaning Windows and Cabinets

Dirty windows will let in less sunlight. You will also not be able to see out of them as well. This will make a better environment and it will be more inviting. The cabinets should be cleaned to ensure there is no contamination and the contents should be dusted.

  • Ensure All Areas Are Safe and Usable

Things happen and it is better to find out a problem before the building is occupied. Safety is also a concern and dust or debris on a hard floor surface can cause an accident.

What To Look For In A Cleaning Service

You need to find a service which understands the standards of renovation cleaning. One that uses safe and green cleaners and properly disposes of the waste and debris. They should have experience doing this type of cleaning.

In the end, you will have peace of mind moving into your newly renovated space. Not having to worry if you cleaned that bowl before you put cereal in it.